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專業諮詢課程的學員成功心得 – Hope

    I remember the first time my consultant gave me a face-to-face before starting my professional counseling course

    talk. He asked me, why do you want to come to class? I answer because I feel like a

    Dead, I feel like I’m gradually losing my energy. Today, I no longer think about whether I am

    A walking dead for this question. I guess that means I’m not. Today’s me, although I dare not say

    I am an energetic person, but definitely more active than in the past, and also accomplished a lot of the past

    of things I can’t do. I also remember that the first time I came to Xingrongrong, the staff did a job for me.

    An OCA analysis test , almost all points are negative, except for work, but neither

    high. I disapprove very much, because I think I work hard, efficient, and very

    sense of responsibility. But looking back, I’m really different now. I feel more responsible because

    This can work from a more comprehensive point of view and can take into account more details, so

    Can do better. I am more productive and know better how to do a job well than ever.

    I’ve done things I couldn’t imagine doing in the past. I am proud and satisfied.

    Along the way in the professional counseling course, I have come to realize the restoration of “will”, which gradually restores the ability. Allow me to reach my potential and show myself better.

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